Active Travel, Active Lungs

cid:image001.jpg@01D1155C.55159F70Air pollution is increasingly  – and rightly – in the news these days as doctors and scientists are revealing just how dangerous it is for our health. So we’re delighted to add the British Lung Foundation Scotland to our list of supporters. In this guest blog, Vicky Glen, policy and communications officer, explains why they support We Walk, We Cycle, We Vote.

family cycling in the countryside
Active travel is particularly important for children with their growing lungs (Image courtesy of Thinkstock)

Ditching the car, bus or train and choosing to walk or cycle instead is one of the best things we can do for our health. Not only does active travel support our muscles and increase our energy, but it keeps our lungs active.

By choosing to walk or cycle, we can reduce our risk of infections (lung or otherwise), any stress or anxiety we may be feeling and, above all, increase our happiness levels.

Our lungs are incredibly powerful. They produce oxygen, something that we need in every part of our body. While the lungs are responsible for filtering the air that we breathe and helping to protect the body from dangers, they are also very delicate.

Regular exercise is vital for keeping our lungs strong and safe. It helps our lungs to produce more oxygen, keeping our blood pumping and our bodies fit.

It is also important to think about our children. As they grow and develop, their immune systems can be weaker and their lungs more prone to infection. For them, choosing to travel more actively not only encourages regular exercise, but helps their lungs grow stronger for life.

The British Lung Foundation are proud to support ‘We Walk, We Cycle, We Vote’. Choosing to walk and cycle more often will improve Scotland’s health and wellbeing, and give our children the chance to live with healthy lungs.