Candidate info base is now live!

We’re delighted to announce that our ‘find your candidate’ system is now up and running – just enter your constituency or your postcode to get a list of all your candidates running for Holyrood – and their position on our three asks.

Andrew Burns and Cara Hilton
With Andrew Burns and Cara Hilton at the Labour Party conference last year – Cara Hilton was coincidentally the first of our MSP candidates to respond

We’ve also added contact details for them so you can get in touch directly. If they haven’t responded to us yet, please ask them to do so and invite them to Pedal on Parliament (especially if you’re going to be there too). If they have responded – thank them for doing so and let them know what you think, whether it’s congratulations if they have supported us or (politely) taking issue if they aren’t on board.

Our list isn’t exhaustive – so if you spot a candidate who’s missing or any other mistake then please let us know by emailing Nor have we been able to contact all of the candidates directly yet, although we’ll be working on that as the campaign wears on. And finally, if you get a response from them, please do pass it on so we can keep our database up to date.

A few stats as of 28th March 2016 (not all the candidates fully answered all of the questions …):

Number of candidates identified: 516
Number contacted: 292
Number responded: 19
Number fully or partially supporting us on investment: 11
Number fully or partially supporting us on infrastructure: 11
Number fully or partially supporting us on road safety: 7

As the number of responses increase, we’ll provide a party breakdown

Have a go now and find out where your candidates stand!