From the economy to happiness: the facts at your fingertips

Even though it’s stories rather than statistics that change hearts and minds (and more on that shortly!) it can be helpful sometimes to have the evidence to back things up. But marshalling the facts and figures, and knowing which ones to trust can be difficult, especially for someone who’s not a full-time campaigner.

Two people sitting on a bench looking at a cyclist going past. Photo (c) Iona Shepherd

That’s where our briefings should come in handy. We’ve put together a set of easily readable documents that marshal the best and most recent evidence in one short two-pager for a range of topics.

First, we’ve got one for each of our three asks:

Then we’ve got four more, which align with our tagline of making Scotland ‘healthier, wealthier and happier’.

The latter is important, by the way. Politics and planning policy can be difficult topics that raise strong emotions across the board. But sometimes it’s important to take a step back and consider what we often forget: the sheer joy of being human and getting about under your own steam, however you choose to do so. And who can argue with that?

A male cyclist with a small child on a balance bike on a river path. Photo by Andy Catlin