Get your Selfie On!

Suzanne selfie
Suzanne would vote for safe routes to pre-schools

Because no self-respecting social media campaign is complete without a ‘selfie’ element – and more seriously because we want to show candidates in this election that there’s a huge variety of people out there who want to see better conditions for walking and cycling – we’re looking for your ‘we’d vote for’ selfies …

Just get yourself (by bike or by foot) to a recognisable spot in your constituency somewhere, write a sign saying what you’d vote for, take a selfie (or more realistically unless you have three arms, get someone else to take your photo), and post it on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram (or wherever the cool people post their pictures these days …) using the hashtag #walkcyclevote.

But don’t stop there – make sure your candidates can see it too! You can find out who your Holyrood candidates are using our candidate information search [] which includes their twitter and other social media accounts, so you can tag them or post it up on their page. It’s a great, positive way of interacting with our politicians – and they’d probably welcome a change from arguing about the EU referendum or tax policies.

We’ll be adding to the gallery here as people take their selfies – let’s show our politicians who we are and what we want to see to transform Scotland!