Green Party Conference ride – 11th October

Glasgow's "Bridge to Nowhere"
The ‘Bridge to Nowhere’ became a bridge to somewhere when it was finally completed as a cycling and pedestrian bridge – but how well do the streets it connects to enable everyone to cycle through the city in Scotland with the lowest levels of car ownership – and the greatest problems of poor health and inequality?

Sunday 11th October, 12:30, outside the SECC in Glasgow – more details (Facebook event)

Join us and members of the Scottish Green Party on a lunchtime ride to explore the best and worst of Glasgow’s cycling infrastructure. This will be the first of our party conference rides when we’ll be inviting politicians and local campaigners to come together and see and discuss the problems and opportunities for active travel for themselves.

If you can’t make it, please contact your local Greens and let them know you’d appreciate it if some of them attended. You can get the contact details of your local party branch here

One thought on “Green Party Conference ride – 11th October

  1. Aside from one very odd day when 640 bikes counted by 23.00 the use of this bridge seems ridiculously low, compared to the use of Waterloo Street cycle route – tonight, despite possible use by cyclists going to SECC for Conference just 62 bikes by 18.00 (one of which was me).

    It had been floating at around 200 -230 on the nights when I come in from the last Birmingham train – last London train gets in at 00.06 or later and counter has reset by that time.

    As a usable cycle route it is a bit of a bad joke if you use it as the design (sic) intends you to use it – you can easily double your journey time waiting for lights to change, in the mornings it its regularly blocked by vans unloading, and one morning a head on cycle crash took place thanks to a 7.5T Iron Mountain van blocking the Westbound half of the cycle route and putting a Westbound cyclist (partly concealed by the van) on the Eastbound side leading to a head on crash with an Eastbound cyclist. The van was photographed at 08.28 and 08.37 by separate witnesses, it was driven on/over a footway median (s.129.5 offence) blocking (cycle) traffic (s.129.2) blocking & driven on a cycle route (s.129.6). It was also parked on double yellow lines and double yellow kerb markings – No parking at any time No loading during peak hours. That should add up to a pretty decent tariff of FPN fines – and if contested I think most of the offences can run to level 3 (max fine £1000). A few early mornings on Waterloo Street and some daytime effort on Howard Street should prove very remunerative, amnd fet on top of this abuse

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