Current council

Dumfries and Galloway council is currently run by a partnership between the Labour Party and the SNP.

According to the 2020 Hands Up survey 39.6%% of children in Dumfries and Galloway walked to school in 2020, 4% cycled and 1.5% scooted or skated. According to the 2021 Cycling Scotland annual monitoring report 6.7% of employees usually or regularly cycle to work and 24% of households have no access to a car. The council provided no data on its active travel spend. Its current active travel strategy was agreed in 2014 but the council is in the process of developing a new one.

Local groupsCycling DumfriesDumfries and Galloway CTC (Cycling UK member group).

2022 local election

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Parties standing (in alphabetical order)

Endorsements of our three asks:

  • Laura Moodie, Scottish Green candidate for Dee and Glenkens ward responded: “Happy to support all your asks and will continuing making the case for better active travel options for rural communities as well as urban.”
  • Keith Walters, Labour candidate for Nith ward has endorsed our three asks.
  • Sandy Rogerson, Scottish Green candidate for Lochar ward has endorsed our three asks.
  • Anne McLauchlan, Scottish Green candidate for Nith ward responded: Delighted to endorse this campaign
  • Peter Barlow, Scottish Green candidate for Stranraer and the Rhins has endorsed our three asks.
  • Iain McDonald, Lib Dem candidate for Castle Douglas and Crocketford responded: “I am fully behind this. As a keen cyclist I have already submitted a press article for the election in which I highlight these needs.”
  • John Campbell, SNP candidate for Nith ward has responded: “I am happy to support the three asks from Walk, Wheel, Cycle, Vote. Accessibility is for everyone, and this should be front and centre on any future council policy. Infrastructure, this must be safe priority routes through towns and villages with walking, cycling and wheeling top of the hierarchy and motor vehicles at the bottom also linking up with settlements just outside major towns and villages. Investment, if we spend a fraction of the overall transport budget then this would go a long way in achieving some of the Active Travel asks for the region, so a 10% Capital and Revenue spend would be a tremendous start. On top of the three asks I believe there are also other benefits through Active Travel, for example health benefits and climate benefits.”
  • Jennifer Norris, Scottish Green Party candidate for Annandale North has responded: “As a Scottish Greens Candidate in the upcoming local elections, for Annandale North Ward in Dumfries and Galloway, I would like to express my genuine and heartfelt support for Active Travel and your aims. Your aims fit perfectly with my personal love of cycling and walking, and my hope that we can work to create more healthy, wholesome, enjoyable and safe green spaces in which to live and travel. If elected I would be a strong advocate for developing more active travel options for all, working to ensure that everyone has easy access to active travel options”
  • Cameron Garrett, Scottish Green Party candidate for Annandale South responded: “I’m delighted to endorse the three asks of @walkwheelcycle. Enabling and encouraging accessible, active transport is really important in reducing our collective carbon footprint”
  • Ann Johnstone, Scottish Green Party candidate for North West Dumfries endorsed our three asks and responded “I will fight for the Council’s updated strategy on cycling, wheeling and walking routes, to be robust and with a strong emphasis on enabling young active travellers eg through support for safe routes to schools.  I will also press for a ring-fenced fund to support roads maintenance and public and active travel improvements, funded by parking charges.”
  • Liz Ashburn, Scottish Green Party candidate for Castle Douglas and Crocketford responded: “If I’m elected to Dumfries and Galloway Council I will work hard to fulfill the three asks in towns, villages and rural areas right across the ward and the wider region.”
  • All Scottish Green Party candidates have supported our three asks.
  • Callum Jamieson, Labour candidate for Mid and Upper Nithsdale responded: “I’m emailing to affirm my support for your 3 asks. I have a background of working on Transport Policy. If elected in Mid and Upper Nithsdale I will continue to work to support active travel in the region and to improve accessibility, infrastructure and investment in active travel.”