Current council

Fife council is currently run by a power sharing agreement between the SNP and LAbour

According to the 2020 Hands Up survey 45.6% of children in Fife walked to school in 2020, 2.8% cycled and 3.4% scooted or skated. According to the 2021 Cycling Scotland annual monitoring report 4.9% of employees usually or regularly cycle to work and 26% of households have no access to a car. The council’s active travel budget for 2019/20 was £979,211 (capital) and £197,228 (revenue), which works out as a total of £3.15 per person. In early 2022 the council began consulting on a new Local Transport Strategy.

Local groupsSt Andrews Space for CyclingFife and Kinross CTC (Cycling UK member group).

2022 local election

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Parties standing (in alphabetical order)

Endorsements of our three asks:

Scottish Green Party – Fife have endorsed our asks “we’d be really happy to support the campaign. If there’s anything in your proposals that we don’t already support, we haven’t found it yet.. and we look forward to working with you and others to make accessible active travel a reality”

Alba – Fife have endorsed our asks “We’d be happy to support your 3 asks around helping us build a more sustainable active transport network”

Stephen Lynas, Alba candidate for Rosyth responded “I’m fully supportive of your 3 asks and welcome the opportunity to ensure we have investment and infrastructure to support greener more sustainable active travel options”