Current council

Perth and Kinross council is currently run by a minority Conservative administration.

According to the 2020 Hands Up survey 43.7% of children in Perth and Kinross walked to school in 2020, 3.1% cycled and 2.6% scooted or skated. According to the 2021 Cycling Scotland annual monitoring report 4.8% of employees usually or regularly cycle to work and 18% of households have no access to a car. The council provided no data on its active travel spend. It adopted an Active Travel Strategy in 2018.

Local groupsPerth Bike StationPerth & Kinross ByCycle,  CTC Tayside (Cycling UK member group), Fife and Kinross CTC (Cycling UK member group).

2022 local election

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Parties standing (in alphabetical order)

Endorsements of our three asks:

  • Perth and Kinross Scottish Greens support our three asks.
  • Jill Belch, Green candidate for Strathmore responded: “If you look at our manifesto you will see we indeed support your aims. I know Paul is a keen supporter of active travel, as I am. And we are committed to improving both its accessibility and infrastructure if elected. You may know I have developed a proposal to develop a cycle/wheels/pedestrian route -protected- from Scone to Perth with a new bridge, only for pedestrians/wheels/cyclists across the Tay. The current route is so called ‘indicative, and isn’t wide enough in places to take the white stencilled painted bike! We are advocating 20mph limits in all our villages and towns to protect those involved in active travel such as pedestrians, joggers, wheelers and cyclists. I am Co-lead of sustainability of the local medical school and am actively promoting cycle to work schemes, and will be pushing to open up NHS green space for safe walking and wheeling, as well as increased areas for cycle storage and showering. If elected I shall be doing the same for council owned areas. The way to get active travel at the forefront of PKC is to get onto Council and make it happen. Then we can influence infrastructure changes, like those you describe below. That’s why I am standing for election in Strathmore.”
  • Roger Humphry, Green candidate for Carse of Gowrie endorses all three asks.
  • Grant Steward, SNP candidate for Strathmore responded: “fully support active travel and the objectives set out by @walkwheelcycle I am more of a paddler, so we also need to ensure our lovely waterways are safe and kept clean.”
  • Jack Welch, SNP candidate for Strathmore stated “I support the three @walkwheelcycle pledges. If elected, I will do my best to improve active travel in Perth & Kinross. We have some great biking routes already and green roads but more needs to be done to encourage safe active travel in Perthshire”