Current council

West Lothian council is currently run by a minority Labour-Conservative administration.

According to the 2020 Hands Up survey 47.2% of children in West Lothian walked to school in 2020, 3.3% cycled and 2.2% scooted or skated. According to the 2021 Cycling Scotland annual monitoring report 3.1% of employees usually or regularly cycle to work and 16% of households have no access to a car. The council provided no data on its active travel spend. It has an Active Travel Plan for 2016-21.

Local groupsSpokesCTC Lothians and Borders (Cycling UK member group).

2022 local election

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Parties standing (in alphabetical order)

Endorsements of our three asks:

  • Pauline Stafford, SNP candidate for Bathgate has endorsed our three asks.
  • Cameron Glasgow, Green Party candidate for Livingston South responded: “As a @scottishgreens candidate, I am always happy to support a vision for a fairer, greener and more accessible future for Scotland. That is why I am proud to sign up for the 3 @walkwheelcycle pledges ahead of the election in May.”
  • Pamela Barnes, Green Party candidate for Linlithgow responded: “It is clear that we need a fairer, greener and more accessible Linlithgow. I am supporting the Walk, Wheel, Cycle Vote three asks of Accessibility, Infrastructure and Investment as it’s so important our active travel routes are open to all.”
  • Sophie Brodie, Green Party candidate for Armadale and Blackridge responded: “Being able to access our community through way of active travel is very important – we need to make sure people feel safe and empowered to participate in active travel.”
  • West Lothian Scottish Greens responded “The West Lothian Greens candidates are supporting the @walkwheelcycle campaign ahead of the election on May 5th. West Lothian Council needs to act better when it comes to active travel and accessibility. We will work across party lines to make this possible if elected. Accessibility is a massive issue for many people across West Lothian, especially those in the smaller villages and towns around the county. We want to ensure everyone is able to easily get around their local area and travel across the county and further. We will work to improve the current active travel infrastructure by encouraging a new active travel plan for West Lothian and ensuring that dropped kerbs, cycle paths and safe walkways are available for all new developments. Of course, to ensure these pledges can be met we must increase our active travel investment. Currently, there is no individual budget line for Active Travel in WLC. We will work to push the administration into increasing overall funding for Active Travel.”