Local Elections – campaigning kicks off!

On May 5th, Scotland will be going to the polls again in this year’s local authority election and once more we’re asking candidates if they support our three asks for accessible active travel for all.

This election we’re keeping things simple with one page per local authority area, with a list of the parties standing and their social media accounts, as well as a link to Who Can I Vote For which will allow you to find your candidates by postcode. We’ve contacted as many as we can to ask them to support our three asks and we’re adding endorsements as they come in so you can see which parties and candidates have signed up in your area.

Man in wheelchair using pedestrian crossing with 'I support active travel for everyone'

If you’re a candidate or involved with a party campaign, and you haven’t heard from us yet (or haven’t managed to reply!) then please get in touch – we’re on by TwitterFacebook and we can be contacted by email on walkwheelcyclevote@gmail.com. We’ll then add your response to our pages.

And if you’re a voter – now’s the time that you can guarantee that your local politicians are listening! Please let your candidates know that you want to see accessible streets and conditions where everyone can walk, wheel or cycle for everyday journeys.

We’d also love to hear from you about any positive changes you’ve seen in your area that have made life better for you or people you know. We asked this question a couple of weeks ago:

From the replies, we’ve seen lots of love for changes big and small – from major cycle routes and pedestrian bridges to a humble bench.

What would you like to see more of?

One thought on “Local Elections – campaigning kicks off!

  1. I would like to see car ownership being reduced. Reducing the cost of public transport, particularly for trains. Ban fossil fuelled vans and use bicycles, cargo bikes and ebikes for deliveries within the City of Edinburgh boundary.

    On street parking of private property in residential areas to be banned. If you haven’t got somewhere within your property to park your car then you can’t have a car, works in Japan. Tax car ownership to actually reflect the cost to the planet. The environmental impact of an electric car is only a third of fossil fuel car.

    More segregated cycling infrastructure. The amount currently provided in Edinburgh is minuscule and doesn’t join up to provide safe routes across major destinations in Edinburgh.

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