Moving pictures – worth many thousand words?

Walk, Wheel, Cycle, Vote is about removing barriers to active travel, whether that be on foot, using a wheelchair or using any kind of cycle. As we’ve learned from our events, barriers can come in many forms, some of them not always obvious, and can affect all manner of people. 

Man on mobility scooter facing a chicane barrier

We’ve had the privilege of spending time with some incredibly patient and generous people who have been prepared to take us out onto the streets of our major cities and share their experiences and answer our questions over the past couple of years. If every one of our politicians did the same, we think the world would already be a better place, but that’s sadly not possible, especially with social distancing still in force.

Instead, we invite you all to do the next best thing and take our politicians on a short video journey to help open their eyes to the sort of barriers you or people you know might be facing, especially ones which might not be obvious. It doesn’t have to be very long (indeed the shorter the better) and it doesn’t have to be very polished – just enough to make the point. 

For instance, Sebastian (and his mum) explain why the local stretch of the NCN is not fit for all ages and abilities to use:

Claire encounters numerous obstacles on her walk to the shops in Corstorphine:

And Emily shows that you don’t even need to use video footage to show how she can use her bike and trailer to replace journeys you might think would need a car – but only if the infrastructure is right:

Finally, Cycling Dumfries have put together an ‘island-hopping adventure’ that shows just how painful a crossing can be if you’re not fit enough to just nip across in a gap in the traffic:

Inspired? Why not have a go at putting together a short video of your own. You can share it with us, but also with your local candidates for the coming election, so that they can see for themselves what people are up against and what they need to do to help. 

Just put together a short film, or slideshow if you prefer, add some captions, and upload it to social media. Let us know – either by email ( or twitter and Facebook and we’ll share it too.