Stop Climate Chaos Scotland Guest Post: Show your colours for climate, justice and jobs

 Continuing in our series of guest blogs by supporting organisations, Paul Daly, Campaign Officer for Stop Climate Chaos Scotland (one of the latest to sign up) explains why they’re asking Scots to ‘show their colours’ for Scotland’s Climate March on Saturday 28th November. 

Climate march banner

Scotland’s Climate March is part of a worldwide movement: over that weekend in November hundreds of thousands of people across the globe will take to the streets to call for strong and urgent action on climate change – showing their commitment to creating a low carbon world.

This is all in the build up to the UN climate negotiations in Paris at the end of the year, where global leaders will conclude negotiations for a new international deal to tackle climate change and address its impacts.  But of course it is about much more than what is agreed to in a conference hall in Paris.

Scots need to ‘show your colours’ for two reasons.  Firstly the march will be bright, fun and colourful to help build a family-friendly and inclusive experience – so wear your brightest clothes!  There will be many people who have been to marches before, but to build the movement it has to be a positive first experience for many who have never taken to the streets before.  Secondly of course we are asking for Scotland to show its commitment to transitioning to a low carbon society.  Scotland needs to show its colours in terms of ambition and dedication – both here and in Paris.

The conference in Paris is an important step, and it is right that we focus our energies and combine efforts across our broad coalition to pile on the political pressure for as strong a deal as possible.  Scotland has a good and ambitious story to tell in the international context in terms of commitment to climate action, but we must maintain this pressure on politicians back here in Scotland beyond Paris.  For example we need to do a lot more work in transport and heating policy.

As the talks in Paris approach, we are already looking to how Scotland can make good on its climate commitments.  The Scottish election next year provides a timely opportunity for parties to spell out what action they will take to contribute to the global climate agenda.  Stop Climate Chaos Scotland will push for Scotland’s political parties to publish manifestos which enable Scotland to deliver on its climate commitments.

We hope to see you in Edinburgh on Saturday 28th November.

To have a fun and safe march, we need volunteer stewards – could you be a steward on the day?  Send me an email if you would be able to do this important job:

Friends of the Earth Scotland are organising transport from Scotland to join the international mobilisations in Paris at the end of the UN negotiations.  Would you like to march on the streets of Paris? Find out more: