If you’re an individual:

As the local authority elections approach, as a voter you have the ear of your local politicians! Here’s how to make sure that the need for inclusive streets for active travel doesn’t get overlooked during the campaign:

  • Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter to show your support.
  • If you’re eligible, make sure you’re registered to vote – If you live in Scotland you can vote in the Scottish parliamentary elections if you’re over 16 on the day of the election and are a British or Irish citizen, or a citizen of any other country who has leave to remain, or doesn’t need leave to remain in the UK.
  • Tell all your local candidates that you support our three asks and ask them where they stand (if they haven’t told us already). Please keep your interactions civil however passionate you feel – politicians are humans too!
  • Post your support for our three asks on social media – and tag in your local candidates, especially if they haven’t yet responded to us.
  • Attend any relevant hustings or candidate events  and raise the issue of inclusive streets and active travel if it’s relevant.
  • Like most people, politicians respond to stories better than statistics. Can you make a video or use pictures to show how the design of our streets acts as a barrier to you or people you know? Share one with us and your local candidates so they understand the issues. It doesn’t have to be very complicated – this Twitter thread is a great example.
  • Turn up to Pedal on Parliament as it returns to Edinburgh on April 23rd for a mass ride on the Scottish parliament to tell local politicians everywhere it’s time to deliver.
  • And finally – don’t forget to cast your vote on May 5th!

If you’re a member of or work for a group or organisation

Got some spare time?

  • We  can always do with more help – if you’ve got skills and time to share, email us on walkwheelcyclevote@gmail.com