Where do we stand – in pictures

Updated with latest stats polling day 5th May

Following on from our last post – Sara Dorman has taken the data and put it in graphical form:

Starting with the regional breakdown – how many candidates have responded in your constituency? There’s still time to get in touch and let them know you’d like to hear what they think

responses by region
The proportion of candidates who have responded from each region (updated 5th May)

There’s also the response rate by party

responses by party
Share of candidates who have responded by party – updated 5th May

And finally, we’ve looked at how those responses measure up against our three ‘asks’:

asks by party
Of those candidates who have responded, how many fully or partially support our three ‘asks’? (updated 5th May)

There’s still time to chase up your candidates – and it may be that some responses (or our original emails) have gone astray. But if you hear from any of your candidates please do let us know so we can add them to the total

4 thoughts on “Where do we stand – in pictures

  1. Although the graphs very interesting, one needs to be wary when some of the data is based on such low figures. e.g. for Rise just 4 candidates replied, so their 75% infra rating (almost as high as the Greens) is based on very weak data (NB – surely their dark blue line should be 25% not 10%??)

    Also, even the party which gave the highest proportion of responses, Labour, only had 23% of candidates responding, so it’s hard to know how representative are the responses for the parties as a whole. Even more so for Conservative and SNP with only 8% of their candidates responding (NB – table says 8% for SNP but graph shows 10%).

    For these reasons I feel that the WCV responses are most useful in terms of seeing where each INDIVIDUAL CANDIDATE stands, using this…

    For where each PARTY AS A WHOLE stands, it is more realistic to look at the manifestos, for which there is a Spokes analysis with links from this page…

    PS – excuse the capitals and the non-active links. I couldn’t work out how to use bold type or live links.

    1. Thanks for the typically thorough response! A few cut and paste errors had crept into the previous news item and one of the graphs, which have now been corrected, along with the latest figures from responses today

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